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A New Concept of 360-degree Rotatable Sphere-type MTS

  • Delicate Care
  • Verified Cosmeceutical Ampoule
  • Scratch Free
  • Pain Free


  • Delicate Care : With a 360-degree rotatable ball-type MTS device, it is possible to effectively manage the curved surface and delicate areas of the skin such as around the eyes, smile lines, and fine wrinkles.
  • Verified Cosmeceutical Ampoule : 360MTS Solution’s effectiveness has been validated through clinical trials at university hospitals.
  • Scratch Free : Unlike regular MTS rollers or stamping type products, the ball MTS rotates 360 degrees to apply the ampoule reducing the risk of skin scratch.
  • Pain Free : 360 MTS Solution is developed to provide detailed management allowing convenient skin care at home without pain
360MTS 특징 - 360도 볼, 눌러서 사용하는 타입
360MTS 성분

Product Details

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