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A new concept MTS homecare device that can be used by directly attaching an exclusive ampoule

  • MTS
  • Customized Ampoule for Seratok
  • Featuring Hygienic Disposable Needles
  • Easy Daily Blend
  • Semi-Permanent Home Care Device


  • MTS : By intentionally stimulating the skin using micro-needle, it helps increasing the absorption of ampoules.
  • Customized Ampoule for Seratok : The Seratok can be used conveniently without solution loss, as it is equipped with specially designed ampoules that have been validated through clinical trials for their effectiveness.
  • Featuring Hygienic Disposable Needles : For the safer usage, we provide sterilized disposable micro-needles that are pacakged under the strict hygiene management.
  • Easy Daily Blend : Seratok is easy to use with a simple and quick application, allowing for a comfortable and hassle-free experience. Users can go about their daily routine immediately after use.
  • Semi-Permanent Home Care Device : By simply replacing the consumables, it can be used semi-permanently, making it much more economical than going in for clinics.

Product Details

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